Every Bag has its Own Story

A wayuu bag is much more than just a bag. Each design element and style holds a unique story that has been handed down through the generations of the Wayuu Tribe in North Colombia and Venezuela. These designs are handmade into stunning works using 100% cotton over a period of between 3-4 weeks.

Apart from being completely unique, handmade, and sustainable, Wayuu bags are becoming more and more popular on the fashion scene. Here at Wayuu London we have made a conscious decision to export not only the highest quality bags, but also those that work with the latest fashion trends.

Connecting Cultures and Styles

Colombia and the UK both have distinct cultures as well as mutual passions. One of the main drivers of Wayuu London is to share the amazing work of the Wayuu people with UK fashion lovers. Expanding the reach of their unique and traditional art to new horizons will benefit the wellbeing of their community, as well as bring much needed attention to their work.

Another one of our main company goals is sustainability. We are passionate believers in a world where fair trade and sustainability rule. That’s why we source our bags directly from the Wayuu people, pay a fair price, and give back to the community. We also pledge to plant a tree in the amazon with each sale that we make.

We’re Human – Get to Know Us

We’re a small team with a passion. We’re lucky enough to live between London and Medellin, Colombia so that we can really make this adventure work! At the moment we do all of the work (yes all of it!) from research, sourcing, web-design, transportation… the list goes on. The point is that we will always be at the center of everything going on because we couldn’t think of anything that we would rather be doing! You can Contact Us at any time if you want to know anything about our journey.

Contact Us

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