Wayuu London is just getting off the ground and there has been a hell of a lot of action going down at Wayuu HQ. We’ve done everything from product sourcing to marketing to decorating our office but there has always been one constant – maintaining honesty. It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly unimportant a task is, we always ask if we are being as transparent and honest as possible.

As a company, we want to build a relationship with our customers in a way that big, unsustainable fashion brands just can’t dream of offering. For a start, we source our Wayuu bags directly from the Wayuu people and personally visit Northern Colombia to choose each and every one of our products individually. There are no factories, no middlemen, no huge low-wage contracts – it’s transparent, honest, and unique fashion.


Time, dedication, and love

It takes between 3-4 weeks to make just one Wayuu bag. The dedication and skill that goes into each 100% cotton design has to be seen to be believed. With such beautiful and individual products, we as a brand don’t seek to glamorise them, there’s no need to.

Take a look at what you’re wearing now (I’m sure it looks amazing!), do you know where it comes from? Without looking at the label. Do you know whose hands made it? Who designed it? What it is supposed to signify? We believe that you should be able to answer all of those questions. That’s what it means to be truly transparent.

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