The Wayuu London Manifesto

‘Why would a fashion brand write a manifesto?’ I hear you ask. Granted, we’re not a political party, nor are we going to march in the streets, but we’re incredibly passionate about bringing you sustainable, eco-friendly and honest products. So, what better way to set out our values and beliefs than to write a concise, no-nonsense manifesto?

Be honest – All the way.

Anyone who is wearing a Wayuu London bag deserves to know how it was made, sourced, payed for, transported and sold. We’re transparent, clear and honest about every stage of our business so that you can be assured that you not only look fantastic, but you’re helping the ancient culture that designed and created what you’re wearing.

Helping the people that deserve it.

The Wayuu culture of northern Colombia is an ancient and proud one. Their gift of design and craft is obvious, but unfortunately they are wholly underappreciated. We aim to change that. Not just through exposure and empty promises, but through real action. Each sale of a Wayuu bag will directly contribute to providing safe drinking water and other much-needed facilities.

No middlemen.

It’s well known that each middleman takes their cut and passes it on to you, the consumer. Wayuu London has a simple, direct and transparent sales process: We source and purchase the finest Wayuu bags directly from the craftspeople at a fair price and market them directly to you, the consumer. We will keep true to this basic founding principle.


We’re two couples who have come together to form a small team with a passion. We’re lucky enough to live between London and Medellin, Colombia so that we can really make this adventure work! We would love to be in touch with anyone who identifies with what we’re doing, so drop us a line at any time.


Shaun and Dani & Herman and Juli.

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