Imagine a time when tea, chocolate, and coffee were foreign to British taste buds. Difficult I know, but there was a time when no one even knew they existed. The point is that new trends can make a big impact, and that’s what we want to do.

Okay, we’re not crazy, we know we’re not going to make that big a splash. But we believe that the world is missing out on the beauty, originality, and style of Wayuu bags. Made in the region of Northern Colombia, these hand-woven, 100% cotton bags have been a fashion fixture on the streets of Latin America, but only more recently have they started to be seen in Europe and the U.S.

We founded Wayuu London after falling in love with all things Colombia and wanted to be able to show everyone at home what they were missing. But how could we embody the latin vibe and spirit? Starting a blog, or an instagram account simply didn’t cut it. So we found the best quality, ethically sourced and sustainable Wayuu bags that we could get our hands on.

To us they not only represent the Colombia that we have come to call home, but the reactions of our family, friends and customers in the UK have amazed us and given us strength. When we explain that each bag is handmade by one person over a period of between 3 to 4 weeks using only 100% cotton, we always see smiles. The process is so different to what the British fashion audience is used to.

It’s refreshing. It’s honest. It’s unique.


No one bag that we sell is ever the same. That’s how we stand out in a world of mass-produced, factory-made fashion. We’re proud to be able to show Colombia’s magic to the world, but we are also proud of our record. We believe in being a sustainable and eco-friendly company that works directly with the Wayuu community and pays a fair price.

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